Closing the Deal

It’s the final stretch. You’ll need to be your best to bring the transition home.

You don’t need to go it alone.

Phase III of Your Business Estate Plan

Your Business Estate Plan

Final Diligence & Transition Planning

Planning a seamless transition of all of the operational parts of the business is critical for closing any transaction for all parties. 

This process includes finalizing real estate, insurance, banking, HR and other operational items.  Our experience in working through the items is an invaluable and intangible asset to our clients as we ensure all of the boxes are completed and checked. 

The foundation we establish in Phase I and Phase II makes it easier to swiftly complete Phase III and close the transaction. 

Your Business Estate Plan

Engage in Buyer-Seller Negotiations

Of course you can lock yourself in a room with the buyer and work through it. Sometimes that works, but most of the time it leads to the deal falling apart with no hope of revival.

We work as your third-party negotiator to keep the deal alive and work through each proposal and counter-proposal. This allows you the time and space to respond rather than react to offers and counter-offers in less emotional way.

We also know that sometimes we have to say no for now to an offer, but always keep the conversation alive for another day.

Your Business Estate Plan

Finalize Purchase Agreement

Your are almost there. You’ve agreed to the price and terms. The buyer has agreed to price and terms.

Next, we work with your legal counsel as well as buyer legal counsel to make sure the language of the agreement matches the spirit of the agreement.

When there are points of contention with the legal language, we work with both sides to get it right and make the final push to the finish line.

Your Business Estate Plan

Manage Multiple Iterations of Transaction Documents

There is no denying there will be numerous legal documents to review and ultimately sign to complete the transaction. 

Along the way, those documents will change, multiple times. We ensure each change is tracked and we can always go back to a previous iteration and make sure nothing is ever inadvertently changed in a subsequent iteration.

It’s a dirty, detailed job, but we’ve got you covered here as you step up to the finish line.

Your Business Estate Plan

Close and Complete the Transaction

This is it – it’s time to complete your business estate plan and transition your business.

We’re still paying attention to every detail. We’re managing the buyer’s last minute remorse and help them work through it. We’re managing your last minute remorse and helping you work through it.

Congratulations. The deal is done. It’s time to look back at the great achievement you’ve had of both building and transitioning your business. Now it’s time to move on and begin enjoying your life. 

Insights When It Is Time to Move On

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