Securing an Offer

After completing Phase I, you are ready to start looking for potential buyers.

In Phase II, it’s time to get to work, find a buyer and secure an offer.

Phase II of Your Business Estate Plan

Your Business Estate Plan

Start Attracting Prospective Buyers

You’ve done all of the preparation for transitioning your business. Due Diligence. Marketing Presentation. Buyer Prospect List. Online Data Room. Check. Check. Check. Check.

Now the real work starts. You begin the process of marketing to and attracting prospective buyers. How much time will that take? How long before you find a qualified buyer?

There are dozens of online dating style sites where you can list your business.  There are thousands of subscribers to these sites that want to learn all about your business, but they are generally just fishing for information and rarely have that ability to execute on a transaction. 

What does work is having someone work your prospective buyer list to market your business. Our philosophy is to build a small group of perfectly aligned potential buyers that fit all of your needs and goals in a potential exit.

That’s where our decades of experience helping business owners execute their business estate plan shines. We get results.

Your Business Estate Plan

Execute Non-Disclosure Agreements

If you thinking about using the generic Non-Disclosure Agreement you’ve used for years, it’s time to raise the bar.

Your Business Estate Plan demands, first and foremost, that we protect the assets you’ve built over a lifetime. 

We’ll work with your legal counsel to put teeth in your NDA and provide ironclad protection for the intellectual property of your business.

Your Business Estate Plan

Present Detailed Company Information

At this point in the process, you may feel you have already shared mountains of information about your business.

Well, you’ve only just begun. Now it’s time to open your kimono and toss it aside, as everything and everything is open to inquiry, investigation and scrutiny.

Fortunately, we’ll have gathered most of this information during our due diligence preparation as well as building your online data room, so we’ll save you the time and frustration of chasing down information critical to transitioning your business.

Your Business Estate Plan

Respond to Buyer Questions

No matter how good of a job we both do assembling your business information, the buyer will have questions.

We make sure we capture every question, draft a strongly considered answer for your approval and review the response with the potential buyer to assure understanding.

We’ll also document every question and every answer to ensure there are no surprises as you move towards the initial purchase offer and term sheets.

Your Business Estate Plan

Conduct Buyer Exploratory Calls

In addition to answering buyer questions, you’ll need to participate in a number of buyer exploratory calls to discuss deeper buyer concerns, ideas and questions.

You will always want us to facilitate those calls to ensure we respond in a manner conducive to advancing your transition. The last thing you want is for the buyer to lose their enthusiasm because they feel they aren’t getting information they need when they need it.

While we always welcome and respond to every buyer question, we also know that some questions don’t need to be answered now and can be reasonably answered with “let us get back to you on that.”


Your Business Estate Plan

Secure Initial Term Sheets

The time has come to secure an initial offer and terms from the buyer. 

It is essential to know that no initial offer is the final offer. You’ll want to acknowledge receipt of every offer and commit to a response in a reasonable time frame.

As you move to Phase III and closing the deal, it is how you handle the response to the initial offer that determines how the transaction will or won’t culminate in a completed transaction.

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