Expand & Acquire

All business owners have an eye on the horizon of the end game for their business. Your vision could be very rigid or change over time as opportunities and challenges arise.

If you are thinking about growing your business and utilizing outside capital or acquisition to facilitate that growth, we can help you clearly articulate the vision of your end game and if appropriate, execute a growth or acquisition strategy that achieves your goals. 

Working Capital

Most banks are unable or unwilling to provide flexible forms of capital to free up working capital to grow a business.  We can help you identify what you could use additional capital for and how that will be a positive benefit to your business near and long term.  Once we have identified the need and decided upon a strategy we can help introduce you to non-bank financing outlets that can accomplish your working capital needs. 

Expansion Capital

Are you looking for a cash injection to expand your business? We’ll work with you to develop your plans and find the financing you need to achieve your growth goals and close the deal to ensure the transaction is seamless and adds value to  your ultimate goals.  

Acquisition Capital

Are you looking to acquire businesses in your industry and expand your footprint? We can help with all aspects of the transaction from due diligence through financing and closing the deal.

Insights When It Is Time to Move On

Transition Your Arizona Business

How Do You Feel About Transitioning Your Business?

As the sun creeps over the horizon, this Friday morning is already different. No, not because we’re going to top 100 degrees so early in April. No, not because the family left yesterday to spend the weekend at the beach in La Jolla. This Friday is different because...

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5.5 Ways to Transition Your Business

Someday, you will transition your business. But who should carry on your legacy? Let's explore 5.5 ways to transition your business and maximize your value:1. Strategic BuyersA strategic buyer does not directly compete with your business or your service...

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Six Barriers to Business Transition Planning

Planning is essential for effective execution of any worthwhile endeavor. It doesn’t matter if you expect to sell to a competitor, strategic buyer, financial buyer, employee or family member – an effective plan will dramatically increase your chances of...

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