You’ve been awake for over an hour, but stayed in bed waiting to jump up and silence the alarm clock, just as you had every Monday morning for the past three decades.

You knew today would feel different. It’s not just the hangover from a weekend of celebration.

It’s not even the big signing ceremony with the new owners on Friday or checking your bank balance on your phone. Twice. OK, three times.

No, today is different because you don’t need to get up and go to work. In fact, you don’t have to go anywhere. Ever. Again.

You climbed the mountain. You’ve made it to the top.

Many, many people helped you get there.

Your customers. Your suppliers. Your employees. Your partners. Your family.

But this morning you sit on top of the mountain. Alone.

You successfully transitioned your business. 

Why Don’t You Feel Great?

It’s really simple.

You’ve led a life of purpose and achievement.

But now … what’s your purpose … and what’s left to achieve?

If you want to feel great again, you need to do two things:

  • Find a new purpose
  • Begin achieving again … starting today.

Now of course you’ve earned all of the leisure time you desire.

There will be all the time you want to do whatever you want.

But your work isn’t done. Why would you want it to be? Truth be told, you don’t.

Where Do You Start?

Here are just a few actions you can take today to feel great about transitioning your business:

  • Get involved in your community, such as joining the board of a local non-profit.
  • Get involved again in your business community, such as joining an angel investors group.
  • Take your commitment to your health to the next level. Get a trainer or coach to work with you regularly.
  • Take an even more rigorous approach to managing your finances. Protect what you’ve worked so hard to earn.
  • Develop and commit to a plan, just as you did in your business. Get clear on your new purpose and develop your goals, objectives, strategies, plans and actions – then get started today.

Arizona Business Transitions holds events both for business owners who have successfully transitioned their business and those who are preparing to do so. Join us to share your war stories … and hear about others.

Purpose. Achievement. You don’t have to stand alone at the top of the mountain. Come on down!

Alex Walsh

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Alex has advised hundreds of small businesses on strategic planning, business development and all areas of corporate finance, specializing in helping business owners sell their business or raise capital for growth and acquisition. In his work with business owners, he has found many have done very little planning for an eventual transition away from the day to day operations or out of the business altogether. 

As a native Arizonan, his passion is working with and advising local companies and helping business owners gain comfort in their eventual retirement and have the knowledge that when the time comes to sell the business they have a well designed plan of action already in hand, a good idea of what that business is worth, and who the next owner will be. He founded Arizona Business Transitions to assist business owners plan for an exit or transition, even if that transition is not on the horizon. 

Alex attended Brophy College Preparatory  and graduated from DePauw University – Economics and Management. Member of the Tempe Diablos Charities. He lives in Tempe with his wife Trish and two boys, 10 year old Carter and 7 year old Aidan.

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