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Your Business

You know there’s more to life than your business, but change is hard – especially when you are changing everything.

Cashing Out

Your Business. Your Life. It’s hard to know where one stops and the other starts.

If it’s time to say “good bye business” and “hello life,” we can help you work through the tough decisions and maximize your returns.

All in the Family

When it is time to pass the baton to the next generation or your key employees, letting go will be hard.

We’ll show you how to let go with confidence and get all of the value you deserve from your life’s work.

If It’s Not Time Yet!

You know your transition lies ahead, but you still have one or more battles you want to engage before you hang it up.

We’ll help you get the capital you need to win those wars and prepare for the final victory too.

Do It Yourself Guide to Selling Your Business

Your Business Estate Plan

Phase I: Will Someone Buy Your Business?

Of course, but can you get the right price? 

To find out, you’ll need to:

Conduct presentable due diligence

Create your marketing presentation

Build your online data room

Develop your buyer prospect list

Establish a buyer qualification process

Phase II: Securing an Offer

Congratulations! You’ve found a potential buyer.

Now it’s time to get serious:

Start Attracting Prospective Buyers

Execute Non-Disclosure Agreements

Present Detailed Company Information

Respond to Buyer Questions

Conduct Buyer Exploratory Calls

Secure Initial Term Sheets

All while you continue to run your business, of course!

Phase III: Closing the Deal

It’s the final stretch.

You’ll need to be your best to bring it home:

Complete Final Diligence & Transition Planning

Engage in Buyer-Seller Negotiations

Finalize Purchase Agreement

Manage multiple iterations of Transaction Documents

Close & Complete Transaction

You don’t need to go it alone.

Insights When It Is Time to Move On

Transition Your Arizona Business

How Do You Feel About Transitioning Your Business?

How Do You Feel About Transitioning Your Business?

As the sun creeps over the horizon, this Friday morning is already different. No, not because we’re going to top 100 degrees so early in April. No, not because the family left yesterday to spend the weekend at the beach in La Jolla. This Friday is different because...

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5.5 Ways to Transition Your Business

5.5 Ways to Transition Your Business

Someday, you will transition your business. But who should carry on your legacy? Let's explore 5.5 ways to transition your business and maximize your value:1. Strategic BuyersA strategic buyer does not directly compete with your business or your service...

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Six Barriers to Business Transition Planning

Six Barriers to Business Transition Planning

Planning is essential for effective execution of any worthwhile endeavor. It doesn’t matter if you expect to sell to a competitor, strategic buyer, financial buyer, employee or family member – an effective plan will dramatically increase your chances of...

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